International Tax Solutions

Tax Filing Services

GFPO>> offers wide range of tax preparation and processing services to individuals and organisations across the globe.

Taxation Solutions

We ensure compliance with local tax laws while providing accurate and timely tax filing services to our clients. In addition to individual Tax returns, we also specialize in Partnership Tax Return, Small Corporation Tax return, Corporation Tax Return and Payroll Tax Return. Our in-depth knowledge of latest tax laws supports clients in mitigation of risk related to non-compliance.

We Provide:

Federal Tax Services for US
  • Form 1040 – For Individuals
  • Form 1065 – for Partnerships
  • Form 1120 – For Companies & Corporations
  • Form 1120s – For Small corporations.
Tax Services for Other Countries
  • Tax Services for UK –
  • Tax Services for Australia –
           Tax return for Individuals/Corporate
  • Tax Services for India –
           Return Filing for Individuals/Firms/Corporates/Expat.