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According to Forbes, “Cloud Accounting reduces labor costs by 50 percent.”

A lot of other accounting research too, have concurred the same, making it clearly evident that Cloud Accounting can enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and put in greater control of the business.

However many businesses still hesitate to make that jump to Cloud Accounting., given the recent influx of cyber-security attacks. In this age of digitalization, Data Security for Cloud Accounting is no longer a “Nice to Have” for accounting firms & businesses from all sectors. Even though risks and threats do exist with the use of Cloud Accounting., the best practices around data protection that are sound and fairly straightforward to implement can almost nullify the effects.

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Global FPO implements elaborate strategies to tackle the impact of targeted security & malware attacks, thereby assisting associated businesses to grow in a protected and secure work environment.

Global FPO offers 100% secure and automated accounting solutions with a robust delivery model that provides accurate, safe, and timely bookkeeping services.

Global FPO’s Data Security mechanisms, at various levels in the cloud infrastructure, include:

  • Authentication and identity,
  • Access control,
  • Encryption,
  • Secure deletion,
  • Integrity checking, and
  • Data masking
  • Audit Trail Functionality
  • Real-Time Event Monitoring

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