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Simplify Your Payroll Outsourcing with Global FPO

Streamline your payroll with precision through Global FPO’s Payroll Outsourcing Services

For small businesses and entrepreneurs in Canada, managing payroll can be intricate. Let us manage your payroll requirements to facilitate seamless growth and development.

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Canada Outsourced Payroll Overview

Global FPO introduces a revolutionary approach to outsourced payroll services with its Build Your Own Team (BYOT) model, enabling Canadian businesses to harness global expertise for tailored payroll processing and related needs. Our BYOT strategy ensures flexibility, streamlined backend processes, cost-effectiveness, and impeccable compliance. Drawing from 2–20 years of diverse experience, Global FPO's proficient payroll professionals ensure accurate compliance and cater to individual client demands, upholding professionalism, confidentiality, and precision.

Know Your Capabilities

Crafting Your Custom Dream Team with a Closer Look at the Guide Process with Global FPO

Our Established Expertise and Accomplishments

With over 11 years of experience in outsourcing, we serve clients across various industries, assisting them in designing an offshore strategy, transitioning processes, establishing stability, and enhancing efficiency in payroll operations. Our adept team keeps your employee payroll records organized and compliant, enabling you to focus on expansion. From employee setup to tax management, our customized solutions cater to your needs with precision.

Our Credentials and Certifications at the Company Level

We have effectively delivered payroll outsourcing solutions to organizations, businesses, and startups by leveraging advanced tools and industry best practices aligned with the latest trends.

Accounting & Tax Professionals
Serving Clients Across All Industries
275+ Accounting Worldwide
Tools Used
Number of Annual Transactions
10 Million+
Annual Tax Returns
Audit & Financial Statements

Canada's Payroll Capabilities

Our knowledgeable team of payroll professionals is committed to maintaining accurate and compliant employee payroll records, empowering you to confidently grow your business. Our payroll outsourcing services in Canada encompass a broad range of solutions tailored to your specific requirements, including:

  • Payroll Processing: Calculating employee compensation based on work hours, bonuses, and deductions.
  • Tax Withholding and Reporting: Managing precise tax calculations, deductions, and filing tax forms.
  • Direct Deposits: Facilitating electronic wage transfers directly to employee bank accounts.
  • Paycheck Distribution: Distributing physical or electronic paychecks.
  • Employee Benefits Administration: Overseeing benefits such as insurance, retirement, and compliance.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Monitoring work hours and leave to ensure accurate pay calculations.
  • Compliance Management: Ensuring payroll adheres to labor and tax regulations.
  • Record Keeping: Maintaining comprehensive outsourcing payroll documentation.
  • New Hire Reporting: Reporting new hires to relevant agencies.
  • Garnishment Processing: Deducting wages for court-ordered payments.
  • Year-End Reporting: Issuing year-end tax forms like T4s.
  • Custom Reporting: Generating tailored payroll reports.
  • Payroll Software: Providing tools for efficient payroll management.
  • HR Integration: Connecting payroll with HR systems.
  • Multi-Province/International Payroll: Handling diverse tax and labor laws.
  • Payroll Consultation: Offering expert advice on payroll matters.

Canada Payroll Workflow At Global FPO

Effective payroll management is crucial for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the seamless functioning of any organization, including a global FPO. A well-defined payroll outsourcing workflow streamlines processes, ensures compliance, and provides insights into financial well-being.

Collect time and attendance data
Calculate earnings and deductions
Verify and review the data
Process Payroll
Withhold and Remit Taxes
Year-End Activities
Maintain Records
Manage benefits and deductions
File tax forms and reports
Distribute Pay

An efficient outsourced payroll workflow is pivotal for sound financial management. By adhering to these steps, Global FPO guarantees accurate records, compliance, and timely financial insights to support informed decision-making.

Tools We Use

Global FPO harnesses cutting-edge technology for efficient and precise outsourced payroll services in Canada, leveraging popular software for optimal outcomes. Here are the most widely employed software tools.

thomson return

Data Security

In today's digital age, data security is of utmost importance. Global FPO prioritizes data protection and implements rigorous measures to safeguard the sensitive payroll information of our clients. Our protocols include multi-factor authentication, secure servers, encryption, and regular security audits. Rest assured, Global FPO upholds the highest standards of data protection for your payroll information.

Who We Serve

Global FPO is committed to serving a diverse range of businesses in Canada with comprehensive outsource payroll services. Our tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of various professionals, including:

CPA Firms

Our team of expert payroll specialists ensures meticulous management of employee compensation and related financial activities, maintaining accuracy and compliance with all relevant regulations. This empowers you to provide exceptional value to your clients.

Enrolled Agents

We provide timely and accurate payroll solutions that enable enrolled agents to confidently offer comprehensive outsource payroll for small business and compliance services to their clients.


Our scalable and flexible solutions allow bookkeepers to optimize their workload, enhance productivity, and streamline payroll processing.

Other Accounting Professionals

Whether you're an accounting consultant, financial advisor, or any other accounting professional, Global FPO is equipped to deliver customized payroll solutions aligned with your specific requirements.

Know Your Team

Global FPO takes pride in its extensive and highly skilled workforce of payroll professionals.

Team Structure

team structure

well-structured team of payroll specialists, tax experts, and MBA graduates.

team structure

Organized to cater to various payroll needs and client requirements.

team structure

The Hierarchy and Relationship Manager fosters interdepartmental synergy, enhances communication, and aids strategic decision-making.

Credentials and Certifications

Global FPO is proud to have a team of highly skilled and certified payroll specialists. Our professionals possess a range of sought-after certifications in Canada, ensuring they have the expertise needed to deliver top-tier outsource payroll services in canada to our clients.

Certified Payroll Specialists: Our experienced team manages various payroll tasks with precision, ensuring accurate compensation management.

Certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP): Demonstrates expertise in payroll compliance and regulations in Canada.

Certified Payroll Professional (CPP): validates proficiency in all aspects of payroll processing, taxation, and reporting.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor: Showcasing mastery of efficient payroll tasks using Quickbooks.

ADP Certified Payroll Specialist: Demonstrates proficiency in ADP payroll processing and management.

XERO Certified Payroll Administrator: validates skills in payroll processing, financial statements, and XERO payroll software.

Masters in Payroll Management Graduates: Graduates with advanced knowledge in payroll strategies and management.

MBA Graduates with Payroll Specialisation: Combining business acumen with payroll expertise for informed decision-making and growth.

Tax Professionals: Assisting with payroll tax management, strategy, and compliance for minimized liabilities and increased efficiency.

Comprehensive Review:

We have a robust review process before delivering payroll to clients. Each client is assigned a review manager to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.

Communication Channel and Escalation Matrix
payroll outsourcing

Experience vs. Capability Matrix


matrix to match team members' experience with their capabilities.


optimized task assignment, pairing each client with the most suitable team member.

Agile Workforce: 30% Bench Strength


Agile workforce approach with a flexible team structure.

quick response

30% bench capacity for rapid response to client demands.

KnowEngagement Model

full time

Part-time/Full-time Resource

working hours

Pay as you go for actual number of hours worked

engagement fees

Fixed/Engagement based fee

How it works - BYOT

Crafting Your Custom Dream Team with a Closer Look at the Guide Process with Global FPO.

Build Your Own Team: Customised Payroll Solutions

Introducing Global FPO's "Build Your Own Team" for personalized payroll solutions Create a customized team of outsource payroll professionals who provide ongoing support and effectively manage your payroll responsibilities.

Global FPO's "Build Your Own Team" concept offers flexibility, scalability, and agility to deliver tailored payroll solutions that align with your business requirements.

outsourced payroll services

Why Build Your Team with Global FPO

With Global FPO's introduction of the innovative "Build Your Own Team" approach for your Canada payroll services, you have the power to assemble a team precisely suited to your needs, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability tailored to your business demands.

payroll outsourcing

We recognize your deep understanding of your business. With "Build Your Own Team," you can select your team of payroll specialists.


Every business has distinct needs. Global FPO's "Build Your Own Team" concept grants you the flexibility to create a team attuned to your specific payroll requirements.

outsourcing payroll services

As your business evolves, so may your payroll needs. The "Build Your Own Team" approach by Global FPO allows seamless adjustments to your support level based on your evolving business needs.

outsourced payroll

Global FPO understands that workforce requirements vary. With "Build Your Own Team," you can choose between part-time or full-time payroll teams, optimizing staffing to match your operational demands.

How to Build Your Own Team with Global FPO

Discovery Discussion

Discovery Discussion

Collaborate to understand your unique payroll needs.

Collect payroll

Collect payroll requirements

Collect client-specific payroll requirements.

Identify Resources

Identify Resources

Handpick talent for a personalized payroll team.

Resume Sharing

Resume Sharing

Receive resumes of qualified payroll professionals.



Interview and select dedicated payroll experts.


Onboard Within 24 Hours

Efficiently onboard chosen payroll professionals.



Integrate the team into your payroll operations.



Your customized team offers ongoing support.



Adapt and enhance the team as your business evolves.


Elevating Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide Through Premier Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting Solutions!

Overcoming Talent Shortage with Expert Support

We specialize in helping businesses overcome talent shortages with our expert support. Our team of talent acquisition professionals understands the unique challenges your industry faces and is dedicated.

Cost-Efficiency through Outsourcing Solution

Global FPO expert team conducted a comprehensive assessment of ABC Corporation's financial processes, identifying areas where outsourcing could yield significant cost savings.

First-Time Outsourcing and Unknown Fear

We're a licensed full-service accounting firm in Georgia offering diverse services for business owners, executives, and high net worth individuals.


Elevating Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide Through Premier Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting Solutions!


frequently asked questions

Virtual payroll services involve remote communication, while outsourced payroll services encompass external experts managing payroll processes.

Outsourced payroll services benefits businesses of all sizes, providing cost savings and scalability.

Global FPO ensures data security through multi-factor authentication, secure servers, encryption, and regular audits.

Global FPO's payroll services ensure accurate payroll processing, allowing small businesses to focus on growth.

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