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Canada Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Overview

Global FPO brings innovation to resource outsourcing with its inventive Build Your Own Team (BYOT) approach, allowing CPA firms in Canada to leverage global professionals for their specific Outsourced Bookkeeping and related requirements. Our BYOT model offers flexibility, optimizes backend operations, reduces costs, and ensures impeccable compliance. Drawing from 2–20 years of diverse experience at various levels, Global FPO's adept bookkeepers ensure accurate compliance and cater to individual client demands, upholding the core tenets of professionalism, confidentiality, and precision.

Know Your Capabilities

Crafting Your Custom Dream Team with a closer look at the guide process with Global FPO.

Our Proven Expertise and Achievements

Bringing more than a decade of accounting outsourcing expertise to the table, we cater to clients spanning various sectors. Our services encompass the formulation of an outsourcing approach, seamless transition of processes, establishment and refinement of operations, as well as enhancement of efficiency in bookkeeping functions. Our adept professionals ensure the meticulous organization and adherence to regulatory standards of your clients' financial records, enabling you to concentrate on expansion. From initial account configuration to skillful management of cash flow, our customized remedies are finely tuned to address your specific requirements.

Our Credentials & Certifications at Company Level

We have successfully provided online accounting and bookkeeping services solutions to organizations, CPAs, and startups by leveraging cutting-edge tools and best practices that align with the latest industry trends.

Accounting & Tax Professionals
Serving Clients Across All Industries
275+ Accounting Worldwide
Tools Used
Number of Annual Transactions
10 Million+
Annual Tax Returns
Audit & Financial Statements

Canada's Outsourcing Bookkeeping Capabilities

Our team of experienced bookkeepers is dedicated to ensuring well-organized and compliant financial records, granting you the confidence to focus on expanding your business endeavors. Our suite of bookkeeping services encompasses a diverse array of solutions tailored precisely to your unique requirements, which encompass:

  • Account setup and migration: Seamless transfer and establishment
  • Chart of Accounts setup and customization: Tailored chart creation
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations: Precise reconciliation
  • Accurate tracking of income and expenditures: Thorough transaction monitoring
  • Fixed Asset and Depreciation Accounting: Accurate Asset Recording
  • Payroll Accounting: Comprehensive Payroll Management
  • Efficient management of accounts Receivable: Effective handling of receivables
  • Timely processing of accounts payable: Prompt payables management
  • Preparation of Financial Statements: Comprehensive Financial Reporting
  • Effective cash flow management and forecasting: Skilled cash flow oversight
  • Personalized Reporting: Accurate and Timely Report Generation

Canada Bookkeeping Workflow At Global FPO

Efficient bookkeeping services Canada holds paramount importance in upholding precise financial records and ensuring the seamless functioning of any enterprise, including Global FPO. A meticulously defined online bookkeeping services process aids in streamlining operations, upholding adherence to regulations, and furnishing insights into the fiscal well-being of the organization.

Bookkeeping Workflow Steps
Data Collection
Data Entry
Journal Entries
Review and Analysis
Training and continuous improvement
Audit Preparation
Financial Reporting

An effective outsourced bookkeeping workflow serves as the cornerstone of prudent financial management for Global FPO. By adhering to these delineated steps, the organization can uphold precise records, ensure regulatory compliance, and furnish timely and enlightening financial insights to bolster strategic decision-making. Regular vigilance, adaptation to technological advancements, and an unwavering dedication to ongoing enhancement are pivotal in sustaining an efficient remote accounting services process.

Tools We Use

Global FPO employs contemporary technology to provide efficient and precise outsourced accounting services in Canada, harnessing widely recognized software to achieve exceptional outcomes. The following are prominent software options:

slick pie

Data Security

In the contemporary digital age, paramount significance is attributed to data security. This encompasses the safeguarding of confidential data against theft, unauthorized access, and breaches. At Global FPO, data security is a foremost concern, and we adopt stringent measures to shield our clients' financial information. Our protocols encompass multi-factor authentication, secure server infrastructure, encryption, and regular security assessments. You can trust that Global FPO maintains an uncompromising commitment to ensuring the utmost data protection standards for your financial details.

Who We Serve

Global FPO is committed to providing comprehensive outsourcing bookkeeping services tailored to diverse bookkeeping professionals in Canada. Our customized approaches cater specifically to the distinct demands of CPA firms, Enrolled Agents, Bookkeepers, and other accounting experts, taking into account the intricacies and challenges inherent to the industry.

CPA Firms

Meticulous organization, Accuracy, Adherence to pertinent regulations within your financial records.

Offer exceptional value to your clientele.

Enrolled Agents

customized solutions for varied needs.

Consulting, advising, and tailored support.


Scalable, flexible solutions.

Boost productivity effectively.

Other Accounting Professionals

customized solutions for varied needs.

Consulting, advising, and tailored support.

Know Your Team

Global FPO takes pride in its extensive and highly skilled workforce of accounting professionals.

Team Structure

team structure

Well-structured team of bookkeepers, accountants, tax experts, and MBA graduates.

team structure

Organized to cater to the various financial needs and requirements of clients.

team structure

Integral to Global FPO's team, the Hierarchy and Relationship Manager adeptly fosters interdepartmental synergy, enhances communication, and aids strategic decision-making.

Credentials & Certifications

Global FPO, we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled and certified bookkeepers and accountants. Our professionals hold a variety of certifications that are highly sought-after in Canada, ensuring that they possess the knowledge and expertise to provide top-notch outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services to our clients.

Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants: Experienced bookkeepers handle various tasks, ensuring accurate financial management.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor: Showcases expertise in efficient bookkeeping tasks with QuickBooks.

XERO Certified Bookkeeper: A XERO Certified Bookkeeper showcases proficiency in financial statements, payroll, and XERO accounting software.

Commerce Graduate or Master's in Accounting: Academic certificates supporting accounting expertise.

Semi-Qualified CPA: Advancing towards earning a full CPA certificate and bringing in useful skills.

Certified Management Accountants (CMA): The IMA validates skills in management accounting and financial planning.

Qualified CA/CPA: Offering strategic financial insights and tax planning for optimal business performance and compliance.

MBA Graduates: MBA graduates have deep business understanding, providing valuable insights for growth and success.

Tax Professionals: Assisting with tax management, strategy, and compliance for minimized liabilities and increased savings.

Thorough Review

We implement a rigorous pre-delivery review process to ensure the quality of our work before it reaches the client. Each client is assigned a dedicated review manager as part of our structured approach. This ensures that all tasks received from our clients undergo a comprehensive review before being finalized and delivered.

accounting services
Communication Channel and Escalation Matrix
bookkeeper workflow

Experience vs. Capability


A matrix that compares team members' abilities and experience.


Effective task distribution, matching each customer with the best team member.

Agile Workforce: 30% Bench


Flexible team structures and an agile workforce approach.

quick response

A 30% bench capacity for quick responses to client demands.

BYOT:Engagement Model

part time

Part-time/Full-time Resource


Pay as you go for actual number of hours worked

engagement based fee

Fixed/Engagement based fee

How it works - BYOT

Crafting Your Custom Dream Team with a closer look at the guide process with Global FPO.

Build Your Own Team: Tailored Bookkeeping and Accounting Solutions

Introducing "Build Your Own Team" from Global FPO for specialized online business outsourced accounting services solutions Select talent that is in line with your needs, provide continuing assistance, and make adjustments as your company develops. Form a specialized team of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping experts who will provide ongoing support and effectively handle your financial responsibilities.

The "Build Your Own Team" idea at Global FPO offers flexibility, scalability, and agility to provide specialized remote bookkeeping services according to your company's needs.

outsourced bookkeeping services

Why Build Your Team with Global FPO

You can "Build Your Own Team" at Global FPO to meet your bookkeeping and accounting needs. With the flexibility and scalability provided by our distinctive methodology, you can pick and select the talent you want for your team, perfectly aligning it with your company's needs.

accounting services

Nobody, in our opinion, knows your company better than you do. Because of this, we give you the power to assemble your own team of accounting and bookkeeping experts.

bookkeeping services

Every company is different and has a specific set of needs, and we are aware of this. You have the freedom to assemble a team that meets your particular requirements using Global FPO's Build Your Own Team approach.

accounting services

Your bookkeeping and accounting needs may vary as your business expands. You have the flexibility to increase or decrease support with Global FPO's Build Your Own Team idea in accordance with your changing business demands.

bookkeeping and accounting

Global FPO is aware that every company has different staffing needs. Depending on your company's needs, you may choose to hire part-time or full-time teams using our Build Your Own Team idea.


Discovery Discussion

Discovery Discussion

Collaborate to understand clients' bookkeeping needs.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

Skilled bookkeepers gather client-specific requirements collaboratively.

Identify Resources

Identify Resources

Handpick talent that aligns perfectly with your requirements to form a customized team.


We Will Share Our Resume

Global FPO shares qualified bookkeepers' resumes for personalized service.



The client's interview and selection of dedicated bookkeeping professionals.

Onboarding Resource

Onboarding Resource Within 24 Hours

Unlock success with quick onboarding support.


Migration or Deployment

Facilitate a smooth integration process into your financial operations.



Your customized team provides ongoing support for efficient and accurate financial management.



Adapt and improve the team as your business evolves by adjusting size and skillsets to match changing needs.


Elevating Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide Through Premier Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting Solutions!

Overcoming Talent Shortage with Expert Support

We specialize in helping businesses overcome talent shortages with our expert support. Our team of talent acquisition professionals understands the unique challenges your industry faces and is dedicated.

Cost-Efficiency through Outsourcing Solution

Global FPO expert team conducted a comprehensive assessment of ABC Corporation's financial processes, identifying areas where outsourcing could yield significant cost savings.

First-Time Outsourcing and Unknown Fear

We're a licensed full-service accounting firm in Georgia offering diverse services for business owners, executives, and high net worth individuals.


Elevating Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide Through Premier Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting Solutions!


Frequently Asked Questions


Global FPO specializes in providing comprehensive accounting outsourcing and bookkeeping solutions designed to streamline financial management, enhance accuracy, and ensure compliance for businesses.


Our approach involves a thorough assessment of your business requirements, enabling us to customize our outsourcing bookkeeping services to align precisely with your unique financial objectives.


Rest assured, our team consists of highly skilled and certified bookkeepers with a diverse range of qualifications, ensuring that your financial records are managed by experienced experts.


We take data security seriously. Global FPO is equipped with robust security protocols, including certifications like SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, to safeguard your financial information from unauthorized access or breaches.


Absolutely, By efficiently managing your financial records, Global FPO empowers you to allocate more time and resources toward strategic decision-making and business expansion, driving overall growth and success.

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