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UK and Europe VAT Services

Simplify your VAT compliance with our expert UK and European VAT services.

Focus on growing your business while we ensure effortless and accurate VAT services tailored to your needs.

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UK and Europe VAT Services

Global FPO introduces a transformative approach to outsourcing with its Build Your Own Team (BYOT) model, allowing UK and Europe-based businesses to leverage global experts for file vat return services. Our BYOT approach offers flexibility, streamlined backend operations, cost savings, and impeccable compliance. Drawing from 2–20 years of diverse experience, Global FPO's professionals ensure accurate compliance and cater to individual client demands, upholding professionalism, confidentiality, and precision.

Know Your Capabilities

Crafting Your Custom Dream Team with a closer look at the guide process with Global FPO.

Our Proven Expertise and Achievements

With over 11 years of experience in outsourcing, we serve clients across industries, helping them design an offshore strategy, migrate processes, establish stability, and enhance efficiency in their operations.

Our Credentials & Certifications at Company Level

We have successfully provided VAT services to organisations, businesses, and startups by leveraging cutting-edge tools and industry best practices that align with the latest trends.

Accounting & Tax Professionals
Serving Clients Across All Industries
275+ Accounting Worldwide
Tools Used
Number of Annual Transactions
10 Million+
Annual Tax Returns
Audit & Financial Statements

UK And European VAT Capabilities

Our knowledgeable team of accountant professionals is dedicated to their work, enabling you to expand your business confidently. Our VAT services encompass a wide range of solutions tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • Expert VAT Consultation: Obtain specialised assistance and advice from our experts to comprehend the complex details of UK and European VAT regulations.
  • Effortless VAT Registration: We manage the entire VAT registration procedure, making sure that your company is legitimately registered and in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Accurate VAT Filing: Our team guarantees precise and timely VAT filing, reducing the risks of penalties and maintaining your company's good standing with tax authorities.
  • Cross-border Transaction Guidance: Easily navigate the difficulties of cross-border transactions while guaranteeing VAT compliance across multiple regions.

UK And European VAT Workflow At Global FPO

Effective VAT management is essential for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the smooth operation of any organisation, including a global FPO. A well-defined VAT workflow helps streamline processes, maintain compliance, and provide insights into financial health.

VAT Registration
Invoicing and Documentation
VAT Calculation
VAT Returns
VAT Payment
Continual Training and Education
VAT Record Keeping
VAT Audits and Compliance
Reverse Charge Mechanism
VAT Reclaim

Tools We Use

Global FPO employs cutting-edge technology for efficient and accurate VAT services in the UK and Europe, leveraging popular software for superior results. Here are the widely used programmes:

Vat QB Tools UK
Vat xero tools UK
vat tools UK sage-intacct
Vat tools UK netsuit
Vat tools UK zoho

Data Security

In today's digital era, data security is paramount. Global FPO prioritises data protection and implements stringent measures to safeguard the sensitive information of our clients. Our procedures include multi-factor authentication, secure servers, encryption, and regular security audits. Rest assured, Global FPO ensures the highest standard of data protection.

Who We Serve

Global FPO is dedicated to serving a diverse range of businesses in the UK and Europe with comprehensive VAT services. Our tailored solutions cater to the unique needs of various professionals, including:

CPA Firms

Our team of expert ensures empowers CPA firms in the UK and Europe with specialized VAT services, enabling them to provide expert tax advice and compliance solutions, ensuring their clients' financial success


For meticulous financial record-keeping and seamless VAT management, bookkeepers trust Global FPO's tailored solutions, streamlining their processes and maintaining financial accuracy.

Other Accounting Professionals

Our comprehensive VAT services support a wide spectrum of accounting experts, including financial analysts and management accountants, equipping them with the tools and expertise needed to excel in their diverse financial roles.

Know Your Team

Global FPO takes pride in its extensive and highly skilled staff.

Team Structure

Well-structured team of VAT specialists, tax experts, and MBA graduates.

Organised to cater to the various needs and requirements of clients.

The Hierarchy and Relationship Manager fosters interdepartmental synergy, enhancing communication and strategic decision-making.

Credentials & Certifications

Global FPO is proud to have a team of highly skilled and certified accountants and VAT specialists. Our professionals possess a range of sought-after certifications in the UK and Europe, ensuring they have the expertise needed to deliver top-tier services to our clients.

Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT):

  • Expertise in UK and European VAT regulations.
  • Ensures a solid understanding of taxation principles.

Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT):

  • Qualifications covering various aspects of taxation, including VAT.
  • Demonstrates mastery of tax law and regulations.

Value Added Tax Specialist (VATSP) Certification:

  • Validates adeptness in VAT regulations and compliance.
  • Global FPO's professionals hold this certification, showcasing their expertise.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA):

  • Comprehensive accounting and taxation skills, including VAT.
  • Global FPO's team includes CPAs with VAT proficiency.

International VAT Association (IVA) Certification:

  • Focused training on international VAT regulations.
  • Professionals at Global FPO possess IVA certifications for cross-border VAT insight.

Value Added Tax Expert (VATEX) Certification:

  • Advanced understanding of complex VAT scenarios.
  • Demonstrates Global FPO's commitment to in-depth VAT expertise.

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Tax Pathway:

  • specialised tax pathway encompassing VAT comprehension.
  • Global FPO's tax experts include ICAEW-qualified professionals.

European VAT Expert (EVE) Certification:

  • essential for navigating diverse European VAT landscapes.
  • Global FPO's team includes EVE-certified specialists for European VAT matters.

Online VAT Training Courses:

  • Continuous learning through industry-specific courses.
  • Global FPO's professionals leverage online courses to stay updated on VAT changes.

Local Tax Authority Courses:

  • Tailored training for understanding regional VAT intricacies.
  • Global FPO's experts participate in local tax authority courses for accurate insights.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

  • Consistent engagement in learning through workshops and events.
  • Global FPO's professionals practice CPD to remain VAT proficient.

Industry-Specific Certifications:

  • Sector-focused certifications for industry-aligned VAT expertise.
  • Global FPO's team holds industry-specific certifications, enhancing sector understanding.

Thorough Review

We have a robust review process before delivering VAT services to clients. Each client is assigned a review manager to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.

 VAT thorough-review UK
Communication Channel and Escalation Matrix:
UK Accountant VAT

Experience vs. Capability

Matrix to match team members' experience with their capabilities.

Efficient task assignment, pairing each client with the most suitable team member.

Agile Workforce: 30% Bench

Agile workforce approach with a flexible team structure.

30% bench capacity for quick response to client demands.

BYOT: Engagement Model


Part-time/Full-time Resource


Pay as you go for actual number of hours worked


Fixed/Engagement based fee

How it works - BYOT

Crafting Your Custom Dream Team with a closer look at the guide process with Global FPO.

Build Your Own Team: Customised VAT Solutions

Introducing Global FPO's "Build Your Own Team" for personalised VAT solutions Assemble a customised team of accountants and VAT professionals who provide ongoing support and efficiently manage your payroll tasks.

Global FPO's "Build Your Own Team" concept offers flexibility, scalability, and agility to cater customised VAT solutions as per your business needs.

VAT tailored-bookkeeping

Why Build Your Team with Global FPO

Global FPO’s introduction to the innovative "Build Your Own Team" approach for your VAT services plays a vital role. This distinctive concept empowers you to assemble a team that precisely matches your needs, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability tailored to your business demands.

Vat own-team UK

We recognise your unparalleled insight into your business. With "Build Your Own Team," you can select your own ensemble of accountants and VAT specialists.

Vat flexible-teams UK

Every business possesses distinctive requirements. Global FPO's "Build Your Own Team" concept grants you the flexibility to construct a team attuned to your specific needs.

Vat scalable-teams UK

The "Build Your Own Team" approach by Global FPO enables seamless adjustments to your support level in accordance with your dynamic business requirements.

Agile-engagement UK

Global FPO acknowledges that every business's workforce needs are distinct. With "Build Your Own Team," you can opt for either part-time or full-time VAT specialists, optimising staffing in alignment with your operational demands.


discovery-discussion UK

Discovery Discussion

Collaborate to understand your specific VAT needs.

requirement-gathering Uk

Requirement Gathering

Gather client-specific VAT requirements.

Identify-resources UK

Identify Resources

Handpick talent for a customised VAT team.


Resume Sharing

Receive qualified professionals' resumes.



Interview and select dedicated experts.

Onboard-Resource UK

Onboard Within 24 Hours

Onboard selected VAT professionals efficiently.



Integrate the team into your VAT operations.



Your customised team provides ongoing support.



Adapt and enhance the team as your business evolves.


Elevating Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide Through Premier Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting Solutions!

Overcoming Talent Shortage with Expert Support

We specialize in helping businesses overcome talent shortages with our expert support. Our team of talent acquisition professionals understands the unique challenges your industry faces and is dedicated.

Cost-Efficiency through Outsourcing Solution

Global FPO expert team conducted a comprehensive assessment of ABC Corporation's financial processes, identifying areas where outsourcing could yield significant cost savings.

First-Time Outsourcing and Unknown Fear

We're a licensed full-service accounting firm in Georgia offering diverse services for business owners, executives, and high net worth individuals.


Elevating Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide Through Premier Bookkeeping, Tax, and Consulting Solutions!


frequently asked questions


VAT is a consumption tax on goods and services.


Yes, businesses can usually claim input VAT on expenses related to their taxable activities. However, certain expenses, like entertainment, might have restrictions on VAT recovery.


VAT returns are typically filed quarterly, but the frequency might vary based on your turnover and the country. It's crucial to meet filing deadlines to avoid penalties.


VAT services offer accurate VAT calculations, compliance support, input VAT recovery, and advice on efficient pricing and cross-border transactions.


VAT services assist in preparing accurate records, ensuring compliance, and addressing any issues that arise during a VAT audit. Their expertise ensures a smoother audit process.

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