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Present-day technology simplifies and streamlines staffing a small business, regardless of where you are. You don't really have to the customary full office with individuals typing away in cubicles. Skype, instant messaging, and webinars permit us to work from any place in the world, and still take care of business.

In any case, technology doesn't just assist you with communicating with your team. It can also assist you with the hassle of balancing your business finances.

Managing a business involves keeping track of the services you offer, the gear you have, the employees you have hired, and how much money is coming in. That’s what bookkeeping does. Basically, regardless sort of small business you own, you presumably need online accounting services in order to run it productively.

Bigger businesses usually experience no difficulty handling the expense of hiring an in-house bookkeeper, yet smaller companies are regularly in a tough spot. You end up with two choices: attempt to do all the bookkeeping all alone, or hire a bookkeeper. And the two options can frequently be expensive.

You can solve this issue by going with a remote bookkeeper for small businesses. A remote bookkeeper performs the same duties an in-house bookkeeper performs, yet frequently at a lower price point.

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What is a remote bookkeeping service?

When you opt for a remote bookkeeping service, your bookkeeper works from a remote location, not in your physical office. Your remote bookkeeper can assist you with your business from virtually anywhere. Typically, a remote bookkeeper for small businesses or startups has remote access to all the necessary resources, including financial documents and specialized software.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Bookkeeper

Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a remote bookkeeper is the cost savings. You won't need to cover in-house expenses such as workstations and office supplies. Remote bookkeepers for small businesses do not require double-time pay, vacation, or insurance premiums. You only pay for the hours you actually need.

Hiring an employee to handle all your bookkeeping tasks might seem like an option, but if you can't fill a 40-hour workweek with bookkeeping, you'll end up paying for a lot of downtime. In contrast, a remote bookkeeper offers the same expertise and experience as a full-time bookkeeper but at a fraction of the cost. A full-time bookkeeper's annual salary can range from $35,000 to $45,000, while remote bookkeeping costs typically start at around $3,600 per year and go as high as $19,000—making it a cost-effective choice.

With a remote bookkeeper, you get the same ability and experience as you would with a full-time bookkeeper, however for a negligible part of the price. A full-time bookkeeper can cost somewhere in the range of $35,000 45,000 per year, depending on where you live and who you hire. Then again, the minimum cost for remote bookkeeping is normally around $3,600 every year and just goes as high as $19,000—$16,000 less than the minimum cost of a full-time bookkeeper.

When you work with an established bookkeeping service, they often have a large client base, years of experience, and a team of skilled bookkeeping professionals. So not only are you saving money, but you're also gaining access to a team of efficient bookkeepers who can help you run your business effectively.

It's important to note that your remote bookkeeper should function as a business partner rather than an employee.

Time Efficiency

A remote bookkeeper for small businesses is available when you need them, providing assistance with your financial needs. Knowing that your bookkeeping is in capable hands frees up your time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Although taking the initial steps to hire a remote bookkeeper may require some time and effort, building your business with the help of external professionals can lead to increased productivity in the long run.


A remote bookkeeper is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. Your data is always within reach, and you can access it whenever necessary. This level of flexibility is not typically available with an in-house bookkeeper who works from 8 AM to 5 PM.


Many business owners worry about the security of their financial information when using remote bookkeeping services. However, remote bookkeeping is highly secure. All your data is stored on secure servers, and system administrators regularly update security software. Your information is encrypted and secure, protecting you from potential breaches.

Storing data on secure servers also means it can be shared more safely among team members and is safeguarded against accidents or issues stemming from computer malfunctions or theft.

In conclusion, remote bookkeeping for small businesses offers a cost-effective, time-efficient, convenient, and secure solution for managing your financial matters. It allows you to focus on what you do best—growing your business. One such reliable partner in the field of remote bookkeeping is Global FPO, an outsourcing accounting firm known for its exceptional results and strong work culture. With a comprehensive range of services, including tax return work, bookkeeping, online accounting, financial statements, and more, Global FPO is your trusted partner in ensuring your financial success.

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