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In spite of the fact that time-consuming, payroll is a basic piece of any business operation. While a few businesses select to oversee payroll functions in-house through manual bookkeeping, effective businesses world-over are opting to outsource this function to professionals. This is where virtual accounting and bookkeeping services come into play and software such as Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping service are used.

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

An average business has a scope of services, functions, and processes. Some of them will identify with the specific business being referred to (e.g., only businesses that are customer-facing will have a customer service office). In any case, there are a few processes that apply to almost any business: Any business that has employees has a payroll process.

These processes can be completed either 'in-house', or by a third party. At the point when a business contracts with a third party to offer the support, this is known as outsourcing. Outsourcing payroll is one of the most common types of business process outsourcing.

Note, it is feasible to have a hybrid model too, where a few functions are completed internally and some are done by a third party. This is sometimes known as 'payroll co-sourcing' (what might be compared to 'co-employment').

Payroll outsourcing might be performed by an accountancy firm, an expert payroll company, (sometimes called a 'payroll service bureau', or 'payroll outsourcing provider'), or, it could be completed by a 'professional employer organization' or 'PEO'. Where an international PEO is locked in, all employer commitments — not simply payroll — are taken over by the third-party company. An international PEO is likewise sometimes known as a global employment organization.

Payroll outsourcing may happen within the country (domestic payroll processing), or internationally (global payroll processing).

Limitations of Outsourcing Payroll

While acknowledging the advantages of outsourcing payroll, what are a portion of the likely drawbacks or disadvantages of payroll outsourcing

• Loss of Control

When payroll is processed in-house, you retain control over the whole process. This implies you can have close oversight of value confirmation, and guarantee that all employee individual data is processed in line with your own commitments and internal processes.

• Not a Compliant Employment Solution

Commonly your labor force in another country should be utilized in the country wherein they are found. This is fundamental in the request to stay away from 'employee misclassification' (treating employees as though they are independent contractors). This is generally a prerequisite of both tax and labor laws.

Outsourcing payroll alone won't guarantee that laborers are compliantly employed while operating internationally. This requires either setting up an unfamiliar auxiliary in the country being referred to, or using a global PEO solution.

• Customer Support

Where something turns out badly with payroll processing, the third party must be depended on to fix the issue. Depending fair and square of customer support accessible, this can make fixing any mistakes a more complicated process than it should be.

It is significant that these apparent disadvantages would all be able to be tended to by due persistence in choosing the right accomplice for outsourcing payroll.

Ideal payroll outsourcing accomplices will have thorough contracts set up which guarantee that all data is secured, mistakes are instantly fixed, and that employment rules are observed.

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll

Having your payroll process outsourced to a certified virtual accounting and bookkeeping service provider can take an immense weight off your shoulders by providing the following advantages –

• Enhanced Productivity/Time Saving

Managing payroll processing in-house is an incredibly time-consuming process and requires a great deal of assets, labor, and meticulousness, leading to lost usefulness. Further, time spent on the exact payroll of the executives, involving gigantic measures of data, means considerable time detracted from the core undertakings of the business.

Outsourcing payroll gives business proprietors and HR groups a ton of time to zero in on the other significant errands for the development and extension of the business.

• Reduced Costs

For any business proprietor, time is the main commodity with a financial worth that is linked to the income that the business creates from the undertakings they handles. The additional time they can save every day, the more money is procured.

With regards to the cost component involved in fundamental payroll assignments like calculating employee hours, paid time off, deductions, leaves, generating reports, printing and distributing paychecks, and preparing tax filings, the general worth is immense.

By outsourcing payroll processing to a third party or through software like Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping service, you can guarantee that everything from handling payroll inquiries to calculating payroll taxes and statutory filings is overseen flawlessly in a cost-productive way. In the event that you check out the complete time spent on in-house payroll the board each payroll interval compared to the costs of outsourcing, you will see a lot of cost savings when you take those errands off your internal rundown.

• Advantage of the Latest Technology

With quick innovative progression, an increasing number of cutting-edge global payroll providers are using cloud-based frameworks to oversee business data and have better perceivability and straightforwardness in payroll processing alongside vigorous data integrity.

Outsourcing payroll additionally permits you to leverage the advantage of upcoming technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) utilized by expert payroll service providers in requests to streamline processing, leading to enhanced precision and timeliness of the process. Professional payroll service providers, for example, Global FPO utilize numerous latest payroll technologies to flawlessly oversee payroll outsourcing.

• Compliance

A ton of entrepreneurs battle with regard to handling complicated government tax guidelines identified with payroll. With various complex principles, employee advantage botches, numerous by-laws, PF rates, and taxes to consider, it becomes hard to process the salaries and reimbursements of every single employee in the organization. These mix-ups can rapidly accelerate into reviewing anomalies and punishments that each business would need to stay away from.

Professional payroll service providers, then again, have the necessary mastery and are in every case side by side with regard to the latest compliance guidelines, and tax rate changes. They likewise have devoted staff to assist companies with meeting every one of the regulatory updates.

• Enhanced Data Security

There are various dangers related to the in-house payroll of the executives, like the security of servers/organization, misappropriation, and wholesale fraud, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Further, there is consistently a danger of data mishandling when an increasing number of employees are working from home in current times.

Professional outsourced payroll service providers guarantee to ensure and store all your significant data on exceptionally secure cloud-based servers and leverage the latest encryption technology to guard your information.

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Tips on Finding a Company to Assist with Outsourcing Payroll

Since you know the distinction an outsourced payroll provider can make to your business, you wanted to realize how to find a confided in service provider. Consider these tips while searching for a company to give outsourced payroll services to your business:

• Prioritize company notoriety

Payroll outsourcing providers manage delicate employee individual information. What's more, of course, on-time installment is quite possibly the main consideration for workers. This implies it is vital to work with a company with an amazing standing in the business. What's more, search for a payroll provider with a solid history of serving businesses of your size and in your industry

• Look out for extra HR services

A great payroll provider will offer extra services that complement payroll processing. With companies that process payroll internationally, this regularly includes visa consulting, PEO services, and HR help. The provider may likewise offer tax planning (particularly if the company is related to an accountancy firm). Consider the specific scope of services you are receiving when comparing statements from providers

• Check information security

Most payrolls are processed electronically, which implies protections should be set up for employee individual data. In Europe, this implies following the GDPR, yet most countries have stringent employee data protections set up. All businesses need to do their due constancy on data protection game plans

• Ask about regulatory compliance capabilities

Ask your possible provider regarding how they keep steady over changes in the law and guarantee that your business will remain compliant consistently.

Prior to meeting with an expected provider, set up a rundown of inquiries concerning the services you are considering. A decent payroll provider will invest the energy important to explain their services and the worth they can bring to your business.


Payroll is one of those basic business functions that may not straightforwardly affect the business. In any case, whenever done inefficiently, it can hurt the general business sadly.

A certified and professional virtual accounting and bookkeeping service provider has some expertise in various functions of payroll the executives, including compliance, complexities of guidelines, taxes, and HR. At Global FPO, with the experience of managing payroll for 100+ customers fueled by a solid technology spine, we have accomplished monstrous payroll exactness. Outsourcing payroll functions to such trained professionals can prompt enhanced business usefulness, and you can move your whole spotlight on growing your business.


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