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Online bookkeeping services are gaining attraction for small and medium businesses who prefer using intuitive accounting software like QuickBooks Online. While QuickBooks offers a series of new and long-awaited features like Intuit’s cloud solution, auto-match and integration with various third party software. Intuit’s new user interface is meant to make for a faster, more user-friendly experience.

The home page offers an instant view into a client’s current financial status and health. A common design motif throughout all screens, functions, and menus is extremely user-friendly helps gain knowledge of workflows.


In terms of functionality, QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) offers new synching features that enable users to download transactions from bank and credit card accounts and to import customer and supplier data from Outlook, Gmail, and Excel. QBOA also automatically syncs data across devices and learns common behaviours, which allows the program to classify subsequent transactions automatically.


Apart from these, QuickBooks have various intangible benefits as well, which include:


  • The software helps with other accounting tasks like categorizing financial transactions and reconciling credits and debits to keep books orderly and accurate.
  • A dedicated team of QuickBooks-certified bookkeepers implies consistency needed to keep accounting needs streamlined.
  • Online bookkeeper customizes the set up according to the business and industry in QuickBooks
  • With QuickBooks Live, one can check off even an onerous task that is both complicated and time-consuming. Also, helps in reviewing and closing “month-end books”.
  • And, finally, Virtual bookkeeper helps put together year-end reports for the business to assist during wrangle of taxes.


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GlobalFPO offers a range of accounting products, including bookkeeping, tax filling, payroll processing and many more enabling its clients to connect their businesses to the cloud giving them real-time information. Global FPO’s team of 32+ bookkeepers provide reliable and accurate QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services. The firm aim to make it easier for clients to manage finances on a global scale by providing multi-currency, multi-site, and multi-legislation capabilities.


With over 500 paying small business customers in US & Canada, GlobalFPO is now a major player in online accounting & bookkeeping solutions. The organisation supports the approach of modern accounting practices, aiming to make accounting quick and painless for small business owners.


Author : Team Global FPO


To get more insight on how Global FPO can support you on QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Services, please feel free to connect our team at contact@globalfpo.com or call us at +1 347 781 5928

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