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Rapid advancements in cloud accounting empower today's business owners to achieve more, faster. This unlocks significant growth and profitability potential. While "accounting" and "virtualization" might not be top-of-mind for entrepreneurs, a closer look at the benefits reveals their attractiveness for any scaling business.

If you’re considering hiring a virtual bookkeeping & accounting team, you probably want to know what benefits you’ll get for your money.

Save Money and Space - Hiring a virtual bookkeeper not only saves on salary costs, but also on expenses like taxes, medical benefits, and office space and equipment. Remote staffing also reduces the expense of onboarding, which includes interviews, skills evaluations, and the assessment of candidate suitability.

Inclusion of an Expert to the Team: A virtual team offers access to a vast network of candidates, allowing for the selection of an expert team with extensive knowledge. An offshore staffing agency can advise on the optimal mix of workers, including full-time, part-time, or temporary staff. Global FPO, with its team of accounting experts, provides seamless and secure professional online assistance, enabling small/micro and entrepreneurial businesses with no accounting experience to operate in a paperless environment.

Latest and Efficient Tools: A remote team is responsible for providing the necessary cloud computing software inclusive of all the technical support required in maintaining software at a fairly fixed monthly cost. New features and functionality are regularly automatically rolled into the software, leaving clients with no worries about performing upgrades or backups ensuring users minimalizing capital outlay. a continued focus on automation has enabled Global FPO to refine and enhance the accounting requirements of clients. The company plans to continue enhancing and implementing interface changes so that cloud hosting can reach further into the mobile sphere.

Real-Time and Accurate Financial Reporting– Virtual bookkeepers help proactively in the company’s growth courtesy of accurate and timely financial reporting. The virtual accounting team helps in explaining and analyzing the data in financial statements, providing one-on-one consulting sessions, and rendering a high-level overview of the status of the company’s financials. Global FPO encourages and supports personalization options to enhance a user-friendly system giving its clients a bird’s eye view of their finances.

Data Secure Bookkeeping–The virtual accounting team provides a single point of contact for perceived questions, ideas, and concerns. Software specialists, full-charge bookkeepers, and financial controllers work together to manage the business’s bookkeeping processes and procedures, assuring GAAP compliance. This data is accessible at all times only to authorized personnel through password-protected logins. GlobalFPO offers secure and automated accounting solutions as an alternative to stand-alone, manual, and generic accounting.

Cloud-based or hosted applications have birthed a win-win prospect for both, the businesses, and the accounting firms in terms of both cost and revenue. Increasingly, businesses are seeking specialty-specific solutions & services, as opposed to earlier practiced generic stand-alone accounting applications helping achieve a complete accounting package. Global FPO is progressively moving in the direction of virtual accounting for CPAs and retailers in the Canadian & American markets with focused services designed to simplify accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and tax filing that enable clients to save time, energy, and money to a great extent.

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Author: Team Global FPO

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