2023 Tax Challenges: The Small Business Survival Guide

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The filing of taxes is one of the major hurdles that every person faces every financial year. The filing of taxes is a very serious affair, and it should be handled with great care. Every individual should be aware of the different tax reforms that are updated every year through government websites. In any case, if one finds it difficult; one should immediately consult a consultant or a consultation providing service or agency that provides services related to the filing of taxes. Global FPO is one such organization. You can file your taxes with our help and can get all your queries solved after confirming an appointment with our experts. Here are the methods that will help you to save taxes and the problems of the taxation system in the financial year 2023.

Tax Problems

  • Tax Brackets Remain the Same

In the federal tax brackets and the tax rates in the United States of America, there are seven federal tax brackets. There are marginal rates for each of these tax brackets which are 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%, and 37% respectively and these tax brackets remain and have not been changed since the financial year 2022.

However, for the financial year 2023, the IRS is also making significant adjustments and improvements to many of these income thresholds that pose information to these tax brackets.

This means that some people may be able to stay in a lower tax bracket and the people who received a raise in the cost of living may avoid getting a portion of their income to mix into a higher bracket tax rate.

For example, in 2023, a married couple who had filed their taxes jointly can make a maximum amount of $89,450 and remain in the 12% tax bracket, as compared to when they made jointly $83,550 in the financial year 2022. This poses great disparities in the distribution of wealth all over the country leading to the people paying less amount of taxes who originally would have to pay an increased amount.

  • Standard Deduction

Each year taxpayers can either make their tax returns or take the standard deduction to lower their overall taxable income payment. For the financial year 2023, the standard deductions have increased by $900 for the ones who are single filers and for those who are married and are filing separately $1,800 for the married couples filing together, and $1,400 for the heads of each of the households. The standard deduction is also $1,500 higher for those over the age of 65 or blind (up from $1,400 in 2022) and $1,850 higher if they are unmarried and are not surviving with their spouse (up from $1,750 in 2022). This has increased the amount of the net payable taxes and has a significant impact on the lives of the people.

  • Capital Gains Taxes

The taxes are generally assessed based on the net profits, or the capital gains during the respective year and these are generated from the sale of an asset such as the shares of stock in the stock market or the buying of more amounts of cryptocurrency by the people. The short-term gains are taxed as ordinary income, while the long-term gains are charged at either the rates of 0%, 15%, or 20% and are based upon the status of filing of the taxes and the overall taxable income of the government. For the financial year 2023, the IRS is also on the verge of increasing the basic income thresholds for cases of long-term gains.

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IRS Tax Problems

According to the IRS, if you are expecting a tax refund in the financial year 2023, it may take place as you get a smaller amount as the payment of this year in comparison to the tax refund amount in the last year. Your annual balance is generally based on the net taxable income, which is calculated by subtracting the greater of the standard or the possible deductions from the adjusted gross income.

The IRS has also stated that the financial refunds may be smaller in the financial year 2023 as compared to the financial refunds in the earlier years, in a November news release that discussed the preparations for the upcoming tax payment season. It has also stated that the taxpayers will not receive any type of additional stimulus as payment with a 2023 tax refund system in the year 2023 because there were no economic impacts on the payments for the financial year 2022.

How to Fix Tax Problems

There are several ways in which one can release the amount of taxes that need to be paid. These are listed below.

  • Filing on Time.

If you do not file the federal taxes on time or even if you file for an extension of the tax payment dates by April 18, 2023, you may face serious hefty fines. The state tax filing deadlines vary a lot, and this is why it is very important to check about the deadlines with the Department of Revenue of the state. Filing the taxes on time will help you save yourself from the huge amount that you need to pay if the taxes are not filed on time.

  • Increase Retirement Account Contributions

The traditional IRA and the 401(k) or the 403(b) contributions are typically made using pre-tax dollars and this is why adding more payments to the IRA can result in helping you to make tax savings by reducing the net taxable income. This will help you to save your finances.

  • Adding to the 529 College Savings.

The 529 offers potential tax savings in two ways. One way is that while the contributions are being made with the after-tax dollar’s effects, the earnings are being tax-deferred while they are being invested and the money that you use for qualified educational expenses is not involved in the amount that is taxed. These 529 contributions may also qualify for state income tax deductions or credits. These will ultimately give some relaxation to you from filing the taxes.

  • Contribute to Health Savings Account (HSA).

If you are on a highly deductible health plan (HDHP) and through your employer, you may have to access an HSA to save for your out-of-pocket medical expenses, you get a tax release. These are advantages to taxes in three ways. Firstly, the Payroll HSA deductions are pre-tax. Secondly, growth is completely tax-free, and thirdly, the withdrawals for the qualified medical expenses are not even taxed. These will help you to relax the amount of tax that you need to pay.

  • Open a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you know that you will have great expenses such as childcare, elder care, medical expenses, or prescriptions, pre-tax FSA savings (through the help of an employer) may help you to plan out your budget and lower the overall taxable income. The IRS-allowed amount of maximum savings changes every year, so you do not need to lose what you do not use from year to year. This is why you need to check out the current IRS contribution guidelines for the series of details. Typically, an FSA is not generally available if you are using an HSA. These methods will help you to save your hard-earned money.

  • Fine-tune the Paycheck Withholdings.

The average tax refund in the financial year 2022 was $3,039 which was an increase of more than 7% and about $250 a month. But on the other side, you can withhold too little taxes from your paycheck, and you can end up owing more money and it may happen that you may even be charged a penalty. You can change your payroll tax withholdings at any time and check with your Human Resources Department for more information in these areas.

  • Take Tax Credits and Deductions

You can take the tax credit deductions only if you are eligible for these. These may include a home mortgage and a portion of your home property taxes. Whether you put or take a standard deduction will completely depend on your situation. In such a case, your tax professional can help you out. The home energy efficiency improvements cover everything from the windows to the solar hot water. You can read and use the guidelines on energy tax credits from the IRS. An expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) for any dependent person under the age of 18 can also help you out. You need to learn all the details on CTC eligibility. The possession of an electric-powered vehicle can also help you reduce your tax amounts. You can check on the tax credit amounts and the required eligibility for the different and specific cars.

  • Review Mutual Fund and Stock Performance

If you own various securities, you can get several reductions from the amount of tax that you need to pay. A tax professional can help you determine if you have the various options needed to get the capital gains and reduce your taxes through tax-loss harvesting.

Tax Problems Help

  • Tax Relief Services

Tax relief and tax resolution services are two very important topics that everyone should understand. Tax relief refers to the different government programs that are designed to reduce the burden of the taxes imposed on individuals, businesses, and corporations. Tax resolution is the process of finding a way to help you resolve a tax issue by negotiating the terms with the IRS or the State Tax Authority.

Tax relief can come in many different forms, such as reducing the amount of taxes due or providing credits and deductions. Depending on the taxpayer, tax relief can be provided in the form of abatement, installment agreement, or also in the form of an Offer in Compromise.

An abatement is provided when the taxes owed are reduced or forgiven. An installment agreement allows taxpayers to pay their taxes in installments over a certain period. An Offer in Compromise also allows the taxpayer to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount that is owed.

  • Tax Resolution Services

Tax resolution is the process of finding a way to resolve tax issues and reach an agreement with the IRS or the state tax authority. This can involve the negotiation of the payment plans or can help in settling the tax debt for less than the full amount that is owed. It is again important to work with a tax professional to ensure that all the available options are explored.


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