Benefits Virtual Accounting for Real-Life to Budding Businesses

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Rapid progress in the field of cloud accounting is enabling Entrepreneurial Businesses of today, to do more and faster – enabling incredible jumps in growth and profitability potential. “Accounting” and “Virtualization” might not be the most plausible words in an entrepreneur’s vocabulary, but a deeper look at the benefits of this integration makes it attractive for any scale-up company.

Here’s how virtual accounting services can benefit your start-up business:

1. Lowers your business costs: Hiring a full-time accountant can be expensive and hit your budget, as, in addition to a monthly salary, you need to provide them
with other employment benefits. With Global FPO’s qualified and experienced team of accountants and bookkeepers, you only
need to pay for the accounting services rendered which is a monumental cost saver.

2. Provides you with the latest financial data: Virtual accounting services provide a real-time online dashboard 24-by-7 that can be instantly used to view updated financial data such as cash flow, inventory, and received, and pending payments at any time to devise your best business decisions and strategies. Additionally, you don’t need to be an accounting or technology wizard to access these financial dashboards. They are user-friendly and can be managed easily with basic computer skills.

3. Automate your entire accounting process: Virtual accounting firms, like Global FPO, automate the accounting process by using the updated versions of software (of your choice) and tools that are installed on any cloud platform and not on your local server. Additionally, digital copies of relevant financial documents are stored and shared that can be easily accessed at any time.

4. Manages your taxes efficiently: Due to their inherent complications, paying taxes is a challenge for SMEs and start-ups. Plus, the risk of steep penalties for not paying your taxes on time can cause damage to your business's credibility.
Be it payroll or corporate taxes; virtual accountants are experienced to manage every taxation virtually and free your mind to focus on growing your business and not concern yourself with tax deadlines or
taxation amounts. Additionally, you can have easy access to electronically stored tax returns and other sensitive tax documents using a centralized dashboard.

5. Secures your financial and accounting data: Through the use of technologies like data encryption and multiple backups, virtual accounting firms, like Global FPO store your sensitive financial accounts-related data on highly secure cloud storage that is protected from all types of online threats.
This mode of storing financial data is much safer than storing it on local computers and servers (that can be easily hacked) or in any physical office location.

Global FPO, having years of expertise in virtual innovation techniques of Accounting, continues to lead the charge for entrepreneurial businesses with no accounting experience through seamless and secure professional assistance online helping businesses to operate in a paperless environment.

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We at Global FPO with our team of accounting experts aim to assist you with focused accounting services designed to simplify accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and tax filing that will help save time, energy and money to a great extent.

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