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Are you wondering if the location of Virtual Accounting firm really matters With technology and cloud accounting, does it matter where your office is located? The answer is: Absolutely Not.

There will never be a “right” time or a “best” time.

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Global FPO provides its associated businesses with a stable and competent remote infrastructure allowing them to work from anywhere, be it in Texas or Toronto!


Struggling amid a pandemic has again unearthed for us all the need for virtual accounting for our businesses. Firms of all sizes and sorts, are entering uncharted territory, and are looking to each other to figure out how they should proceed. While no firm may have all the answers, remote accounting has definitely opened pathways businesses can still find success.


Global FPO, works towards instituting and nurturing, the transition to remote accounting from the grass root level, imparting a sense of flow, rhythm, and normalcy to remote accounting during COVID-19.


Global FPO with strong geographical capabilities and a ready team of 32 certified Bookkeepers and tax professionals, helps CPAs, Accounting Firms, and SMEs, offering all the functionality and reliability of the tried and trusted desktop accounting systems, but with a plethora of additional benefits like

Remote accounting during COVID-19, like always, is about giving direction, and Global FPO has been successfully steering through the fear and concern and assisting businesses put their ‘growth plan’ together around the new reality.

While the plan you put together may constantly evolve and change, do not worry we are going to figure it out.

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